Freedom From Our Inner
Contentious Spirit
Brings Happiness And Peace...
For Self And Others
Contentious is defined as: quarralsome, argumentative or
 When we are faced with the negative emotions of fear,
anger, greed, envy we invite strife into our spirit.  When we are
hurting inwardly we usually release these negative energies onto
ourselves and/or onto others around us.  This is not good for us or
the people around us.  What must we do to overcome these bad
habits?  We must first recognize that we are being quarrelsome from

Some Signs of a Contentious Spirit
1) Irritated for no apparent reason
2) Irritated for a specific reason and take it out on others
3) Cling onto others for emotional support
4) Emotionally attack those around us
5) Short patience- riled up over little issues
6) Done something wrong and haven't atoned for it
7) Worry and sulk over lack of attaining financial freedom
8) Assume the worst outcomes
9) Negative approach to life and people
10) Abuse food, drugs, alcohol or others
11) Make up lies to make ourself seem important
12) Look for others to accept us
13) Perception of others is prejudicial
14) Jump to the wrong conclusions
15) Go off half- cocked, impulsive
16) Vengeful
17) Arrogant or grandiose
18) Selfishness
19) Envious or jealous of success of others
20) Being careless of others feelings and space
21) Desire to get even with people- I'll show them or I'll fix them!
22) Giving false praise to others
23) Not being direct with others how we really feel
24) A sense of superiority or inferiority over others
25) Sending intrusive thoughts to others that are disruptive
26) Ungrateful
27) Hide behind a mask that always makes us appear as the winner
28) Busy- body esp, into the lives of others

Meditation Exercise We Can Use To Overcome
Our Inner Contentious Spirit

*  Gently, take- in a full breath, hold for 3 seconds then Blow- out
gently- anger, fear, resentment, and hate
* Gently, take- In a full cleansing breath while focusing attention on  
pulling- in vibrant iridescent white light of calm, love and peace into
the whole essence of  mind, body and spirit, then Blow- out gently-
inner strife and chaos
* Gently take- in a full cleansing breath while focusing attention on
pulling- in vibrant pink light of love, happiness, and forgiveness into
the whole essence of mind, body, and spirit, then gently Blow- out
sadness and guilt
* Repeat up to 3x if need be.  

* Have breathing difficulties don't attempt this exercise.  Click on
guided imagery link on home page.

Check with your physician before attempting this exercise

Love Ahdriahnah Of Love And Light
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